Lasva Fine Arts is an initiative started by Prahelika Rajagopalan to continue her passion for dance by teaching. The academy not only trains the students in Bharathanatyam but also imparts the rich Indian culture. Lasva Fine Arts is structured based on the learnings from the Vazhuvoor and Bharatanrityam style as formulated by Dr. Sujatha Mohan.

Classes include theory sessions in which the Hasthas, Karnas, Bedhas and various other technical aspects from the Natyasastra will be taught. Yoga will be an important component of the classes which enhances flexibility and stability for the dancers.

Prahelika personally trains all the students. Class sizes are kept manageably small, with individual attention being given to each student. Students progress based on their ability and capability. Students joining the school afterreceiving prior training elsewhere, are placed in classes suitable to their level.At Lasva, each dancer works at his/her own skill levels and pace and dancers will encourage each other.